Delegates will be able to choose to attend a breakout session...

Conference goers will have the opportunity to select their preferred workshops prior to the event as well as being able to register on arrival.

Please note suppliers will not be permitted to attend masterclass sessions.


Staying in touch with customers on their terms

Jeremy Evans, Marketing Delivery

This session will demonstrate how the modern dealership can use its data along with the best of modern communications, combined with

more ‘traditional’ methods to be where the customer wants them tobe, when the customer wants them to be there.


The art of customer service

John Miele, carwow

Presenting alongside one of its most successful dealer partners, carwow will explore exactly what excellent customer service means

to the consume including how to sell to today's customer and tips to increase conversion rates as well as insights into what customers

love (and what they hate).


How can you use video to enhance your customer's experience?

Adam Price, AutosOnShow.TV and Ian Godbold, Cambria Automobiles

Incorporating the experience of an AM100 dealer group, this session explores how video engages customers early on in the buying

process and provides transparency in the dealership whilst delivering customer behaviour insights. It highlights how incorporating

technology into the customer experience can meet the demand for a personalised service and develop exceptional rapport from the start


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